Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bella's first birthday

One of the first things that John researched when Bella was born on the 13th was what birthdays she'd have that would fall on Friday the 13th.  There are two...her FIRST birthday and her SIXTEENTH birthday.  How cool is that?

We ended up celebrating with TWO parties for the little munch.  On her actual birthday we started her day by singing to her...

She opened her first present at breakfast....she got the hang of ripping off paper pretty quick.

There was no school that day, but dad did have to work so we spent a quiet day at home relaxing and having fun.  We took a long walk to the Post office, the PX and the Commissary and we spent time out in the backyard playing on one of Bella's new presents....her brand new swing!

Maddie and her friend Sarah raked leaves and then we all had a great time jumping in them.

We decided to take Bella out to dinner and ended up at the Zur Post in Edelsburg. 

It was DELISH.  It had come highly recommended and we were not disappointed.  It was soooo good that dad had to finish all our plates.  Not a drop of food went to waste. 

We brought a present and some cards for her to open.  She loved all of them!

Maddie had made Bella a beautiful drawing of a PIZZA!  (Thats Bella's favorite food.)

We ended the day at home where Bella opened a couple of more presents and got a cupcake.  She was so dainty as she used a single finger to lick the frosting off...

We put the camera down, focused on our own cupcakes and then had to laugh as we realized she'd just been waiting for the right moment to inhale her cupcake...

Happy 1st Birthday Bella!!!


The Hansen Family said...

Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhooooooooooooo! Happy first year of life Bella!!! Beckham sends slobber kisses your way twin cuz! I love the cupcake face smash:)

Miss Debbie said...

Happiest of Bellisma Birthdays to Bella - and may you always eat cake!