Tuesday, November 24, 2009


MIA - Missing In Action.  Yup, that about describes me the last few weeks.  I've been so neglectful of my dear lovely blog.  Its time to have a nice long post in which I can catch you up on the "scoop." 

Scoop #1...  Bella is one.  Oh, you knew that?  Well, on my end it was a great and dreadful day.  Great because she's so dang cute and dreadful because I cried for 20 minutes over her growing up.  Stop growing up cutie pie McGee!  (**warning - you'll get more of this because I still have a whole post on her 1st Birthday Dance Party**)

Scoop #2 - THANKSGIVING IS IN 2 DAYS!  Aaaaaaaaah!  John sponsored his section or unit or whatever its called and we've got 8 single soldiers joining us that day...  We bought two turkeys because I insist on having leftovers from Thanksgiving and we're going to be making a PILE of food.  Anyone else wanna come?  Food...friends.....football....fatties...F...F...F...  Thats the Sesame Street letter of the day Folks.  :)

Scoop #3 - In 2.5 weeks Eric and Lexi arrive for the holiday break.  I can't even think that far ahead right now.  We've decided to keep this a big surprise for Maddie.  She has no idea they are coming.  John's going to pick them up at the airport and we're going to have her up in her room cleaning up when they get here...then call her down and waaahlaaa!  Lexi and Eric will be lounging in the living room.  Is that too mean?  I am so excited to see her reaction. 

Scoop #4 - I am almost done addressing holiday cards.  Now - some of you may be getting the electronic version.  I hope thats not too much of a faux paux in this day and age...its just so EXPENSIVE to mail all those envelopes.  I promise a personalized little note for all those electronic card receivers.

Scoop #5 - I'm pregnant.  NOT.  Ha hahahahhahahahaha...did I get you on that one?  I'm not.  really and truly I'm not.  I just wanted to make sure you were awake.

Scoop #6 - You can expect a post on our trip to Wiesbaden in the next couple of days - its a larger town near Frankfurt.  We had a great weekend there after John was gone for a week at a training course.

Ok...enough scoops.  I need to get the chicken noodle soup done....I'm sparing the turkey for one more day....muwahahahahaha. 


The Hansen Family said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhahahahaha! Yeah, and I'm pregnant too. Lots of lick-kisses to miss one year old Bella and Happy Turkey day!!!!!!!!!!! Gobble, gobble!

TheMuffinMom said...

Oh yay--can't wait for the upcoming travel accounts and your post about this exciting Thanksgiving surprise for Maddie! :)

Miss Debbie said...

I bit on #5!