Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Is it just me or is my tummy about to pop out of that shirt?

dusty and HOT...Arizona needs more "liquid sunshine."

He LOVES halloween...check out that gigantic pumpkin he picked out.

Pregnant lady squat...that pumpkin reflects how big I feel my belly is right now.

My cutie patootie in the pumpkin patch!

Apple Annies tractor photo op...

Happy Fall Time!


Anonymous said...

*sigh* you two are so cute; you are just glowing. You make pregnancy look way too fun!

The Hansen Family said...

Anna you look so good. What a cute little preggo sister I have. I'm lovin' that belly!

Cothran Family said...

You make pregnancy look good and those pumpkins look jealous. Dang you're cute!!!

Miss Debbie said...

Being PG obviously agrees with you! What a glow! Are you sure you didn't pop a pumpkin under that shirt and you are just foolin' all of us?? I kind of thought there would be a back to back photo of you and John - him WITH pumpkin under shirt, so you would look like Siamese twins!