Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sprechen sie deutsche?


John received a request for orders (RFO) last Tuesday. What that means is he received the "precursor" to actual orders that give us a move date, time and location that is 100% for the Army...

BUT...the RFO is "nearly" as good in that it at least gives us a timeframe and a location.

Anyone want to come visit us in GERMANY next summer???

Vilseck, Germany - to be exact...

Vilseck is located in the state of Bavaria approximately 60 miles from Nuernberg, 29 miles from Weiden and 25 miles from Amberg. And its close to Austria, Czech Republic and Poland. I am so so excited!

A little history for those of you who might be interested...In 1907, Prince Luitpold,regent of Bavaria, selected the area near Grafenwoehr as the place best suited for training of the Bavarian Army. Throughout WWI, from 1914-1918, the training area was used for training andre-equipping of combat units.

In 1936, Adolf Hitler came to power and in a few years the training area became too small for the fast growing German army.

The American era began after the last German Commander of the training area surrendered to the American forces on 20 April 1945. During the first few years, only units stationed at Grafenwoehr used the training area. In 1947, the American Army reactivated the training area for unit training purposes.


Ilaria said...

Wait a minute!!! You didn't say that you're going to be near Switzerland!! I'm crushed!! ...:) Just kidding. I'm so excited, though, because I go to Switzerland every summer... and you know what this means, don't you? Either you're going to come down to your old Lugano and visit us, or (and) we'll come up to see you!! YEAH! So, when are you guys moving there? And how long are you staying? (You have to forgive me, but I know nothing of how these things work in the Army...)

T said...

I can't believe it- aren't you just settling into your new place? How long will you be there? I am amazed how you do it- I guess the lifestyle is typical of an army family, but it would never be for me!

LaDonnaMobile said...

Oh so unfair--you get to eat real bavarian pastry, nieghbor Italy and Switzerland, and buy a genuine geiger jacket. Not to mention the fun of living in a new country . . . I am SO jealous!

Jen said...

We are are actually supposed to be in Germany for a wedding at the end of July. We might actually be able to make this happen. Scott served his mission in Hamburg. So he's been dying to go back. We'll have to see what we can work out!