Monday, October 20, 2008

Little Giggle's 1st month of 1st grade

LIttle giggle has been having some troubles in school. First, we heard through the grapevine that she'd been expelled for 2 days for throwing a fit. Then we heard that she was having some "medical tests" done on her to rule out certain things. Finally, we got word that she'd been removed from the regular first grade class and placed in a "special needs" class...

Yes...(mouths open wide)...what does that all mean?

Well, it means that Miss Maddie is still behaving erratically just like she did the past 4 years in pre-schools. Its frustrating that "people" thought she'd just all of a sudden become a behaved child once she hit public school. She's been kicked out of so many preschools for poor behavior I have to say that this didn't surprise me much...but it does make me incredibly sad and frustrated for her.

So...whats the current status... When John met with the teacher and principal they said her behavior was some of the worst they'd seen. That is was similar to children with severe emotional disabilities, but neither of them thought that was the case with her...they think she acts this way because its how she's been allowed to act.

They have whats called the "safe room" at school...a small room, painted white used for children that are throwing temper tantrums. Maddie, apparently, has spent a lot of time in the safe room during her first month of 1st grade.

Her new class only has 7 children in it and 4 teachers. Its a class for children with special needs for emotional disabilities. What a stigma to place on a 6-year old! But, I do see some good things that will come out of this.

1. Her IQ was tested and she scored a 139. So what does an IQ score of 139 mean?
According to the Wechsler Intelligence Scales, an IQ Score of 139 is classified as very superior intelligence. An IQ of 139 or higher means that you are more intelligent than approximately 98% of the rest of the world. Only two percent ( 2% ) of the population can match an iq score or higher.

2. Because of her IQ test they are now teaching her at a second grade level. Perhaps a more challenging work load will help her focus and concentrate more?

3. With 4 teachers and 7 kids there is bound to be lots of one-on-one time that is spent helping Maddie understand good behavior, appropriate reactions, and good learning habits.

4. John is now finally "in the loop" with what is happening with his daughter. There were commitments from the principal and teacher to make sure he was notified if there were issues at school.

What will happen with this little girl. She is so smart and fun and I am blown away when we hear stories of her behavior. None of that happens when she is with us...none of it. It can't just be a boundaries issue...can it?

Someday I'd like to see John have a chance to help in full-time care...which means she'd come live with us. I think she needs her dad's style of love and discipline. I think she needs the strict boundaries he places on her and the kind of structure he can provide.

Who knows if that will ever happen...I'll just continue to wish and hope that something good and smart happens for her...I can't imagine another 12 years of school with this type of start.


Miss Debbie said...

Well, we know Maddie is a bright and charming! She just needs boundaries as you have said, and lots of TLC. I hope she can go to Germany with you~ or spend some serious time with you before you go. My cousin lives VERY close to where you will be living! Might have to come visit!

Miss you tons!
Miss Debbie

Cothran Family said...

Maddie is an amazing girl, I cannot even imagine her having those kind of problems in school. I've only ever seen her while she's been with you and John though. Sorry that you guys have to be so far away from her. Hopefully the school will keep you up to speed. Sounds like her home environment is not the best, like you said. Love ya Anna, we are always thinking of you/praying for you and your family.
Eliza sueee