Sunday, November 02, 2008


Something I haven't posted about yet...mostly because I needed time to bask in the glory of the moment is the New Kids concert!

Thats right...nearly 3 weeks ago I attended an NKOTB concert at the Jobing arena in Phoenix, AZ and let me just tell you that it rocked my world. I screamed like a teeny bopper and jumped up and down and cried and hollered and sang along with them and had the time of my life.

We actually went to the concert the night after flying in from Portland. John came with me. I needed someone there being 8 months preggers and all was nice to have his company. We had incredible seats...I was so close I could see them really well...facial features and the whole deal.

We walked around and contemplated purchasing a t-shirt or something, but the lines were so huge and I just wasn't willing to wait in them. I figured I'd get one online if I really wanted one.

It really brought back the memories of "back in the day" and the other NKOTB concerts I attended with my girlies from high school.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me because the tickets said, "NO CAMERA" and then when we got there chicks were walking around with telephoto lenses...I was irritated.

So, my dear friend in N. Carolina just went to HER concert last week and took the following photos which I've borrowed just a few pics from to show you what the concert was like...


They are calling themselves, THE BLOCK now...I kinda like it.

My friend said she took this one of Donnie JUST FOR ME. :)

And the other "boys"...this is Joey

Jon - who for being over 40 looks dang hot these days.

Jordan...looking much the same...

And Danny...he actually did a fabulous breakdancing routine during the concert that even John said was "impressive."


Miss Debbie said...

WOW Anna! Your boys! I am so glad you found a guy to escort you! Pretty cute one at that!

miss you,
Miss Debbie

Anonymous said...

ahhhh! Joey was always my favorite!

So you went to this concert THREE weeks ago and are just now telling us about it? Hello? This is HUGE news!

(okay, so maybe baby was more important . . . I'll give you that)