Monday, May 24, 2010

Why are we standing on the sidewalk at 6AM?

Vilseck, Germany's 2SCR Regimental Run...kind of a pre-sendoff show of support for our soldiers leaving soon for Afghanistan. 

Good morning!

May 13th found us on the sidewalk in front of our library waving flags and cheering on about 3000 running soldiers as they yelled their cadence and ran past. 

It was pretty dang cool to see so many soldiers and to see so many people cheering them on...

Maddie even got shown on AFN Europe's news broadcast...she's just waving a flag, but she thinks she's famous now that she's been on TV.  (The story starts about 8 minutes in...)
American Forces Network Europe Home Article Display (DD)

Our own soldier was out there cheering them on with us...poor guy was sad he missed out on those 5 miles of sweating with 3000 other guys.  HA!

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Cothran Family said...

Cool Madi!!! I saw you on TV! I even saw Bella's leg in the background too. Way to go mom Anna for putting her in red pants so we could see her too! You are famous Madi! I want your autograph!