Thursday, May 27, 2010

18 months ago she was so teensy...

Well, the month of May marked Isabella's 18 month birthday.  I can hardly believe it...I look at her and try and remember what it was like to hold her in one arm while vacuuming with the other...she was sooo tiny.  I remember her being swallowed up in those 3 month clothes in her tiny little body...those pitiful sad little wails in her tiny baby voice...those little hands and feet that were so uncoordinated...and her little face practicing new looks and smiles. 

She's so adventurous now.  Her first steps were so magnificent, but now she RUNS!  She climbs and is almost to the point of jumping.  She's a little daredevil and makes John and I jump and run to her when we see her teetering on the edge of what could be a terrible fall, but boy does she get MAD when we try and save her.  She's all about doing it herself.

She loves to go on the swings and the slide...she's almost go the knack of climbing ladders.  She loves bathtubs, but has decided getting her hair wet is NOT fun.  She also loves a shower and likes to stand in it and play in the water. 

She's finally got some molars in and is now exploring the world of harder food...carrots, celery, chips, apples.  They don't have to be close to mush anymore and she has turned into a world class grazer.  Her nickname Munchie suits her very well.

She says quite a few words now - book, nighty night, all done, please, thank you, I love you, etc.  She practices new words, but is still a little belligerent if you ask her to say something - forget it...boy does she have her mama's stubborn side.  Aiya!

Her hair is getting so long and its retained that beautiful curl.  She's wearing size 12-18 month clothes and a size 5/6 shoe.  She loves to brush her teeth - we've totally weaned her off a bottle of milk at bedtime and now she goes to bed with warm water to drink so that her teeth stay healthy.

Her 18 month doctor's appointment gave us these stats:

She is now 23 pounds 9 ounces.(about the 25th percentile)
She is 32.25 inches tall. (about the 50th percentile)
Her head is 47 cm around. (about the 50th percentile)

Little munchie is getting sooo big...


Keefers said...

Oh my golly she grows to darn fast. Next week you will be buying her an El Camino and watching her drive off with her prom date.
Was so great to see her last month. Go, daredevil, go!

Miss Debbie said...

In the Blink of an Eye..... it goes so fast! I am so glad you are enjoying each moment! Hugs to you all..... Happy Birthday Bella!

Barbara said...

WOW - just a little darlin ...... I truly enjoyed having you and Bella stay with me last month ..... she is a little angel....and gets cuter and cuter.

Love you guys,
Barbara - and Cocoa too!!!

Christy said...

Barbara used the same word I was going to: Bella is such a little darlin'! I loved all the photos, but the one of her in the slippers is so cute, and especially the one of her sitting at her puzzle table in front of the window is just a beautiful picture!