Monday, May 24, 2010

Eat your heart out Dave Ramsey!

The Larson Family as of this month has become DEBT FREE!  Woooooooooohhoooooooooo!  I paid off the last of the big spender bills we had accumulated jointly and separately and now we are just staring at that checkbook in shock at how far we've come...  So yeah...debt free...Well, other than that particularly large mortgage on our house in Oregon, but that one's acceptable.  I wasn't sure I would ever say it and I must tell you that I am so proud of John and proud of me for working so hard to make this goal. 


The Hansen Family said...

That is HUGE!!!! Congratulations! Zip! Wow! Kablaaaaaaam! Yippeeeeeee! Zinger! Yahoo! Whooptie woo! Bing!



the jealous little sister who is still VERY much in debt...and racking it up continually:)

OrganicSchool said...

Oh YAY!!! *This* die-hard Dave Ramsey fan wholeheartedly approves! Because you lived like no one else (frugally) you can now live better than anyone else, because your paychecks belong to YOU and not a buncha creditors! Party!!!

Miss Debbie said...

CONGRATS! Wonderful goal to achieve.... I am so proud of you guys, and you should be too. Great job!!!

TricotChico said...

Congratulations! Holy moly, add this to the "Homero is Jealous" list.