Wednesday, March 03, 2010

NOT lovin' the (step)Mom gig...

So, Madeline is in detention for lunch/recess hours this week because she and two other little boys collaborated on a note that was very inappropriate and mean and they gave it to a little girl in their class. 

This is the same little girl Maddie and I had a big talk about on Saturday because her mom had told me she was having a hard time with kids being mean to her.  Maddie had assured me that she would be her "best friend" this week to help her feel better.

**where is that grumpy snarly icon when I need it?**

So, after a visit to the principal's office and detention for this whole week she's ALSO in hot water here at home...she's grounded until Monday.  Unfortunately this is the week we had a million great activities planned.  So now not only is SHE grumpy, but I'm grumpy.  But, learning this lesson is more important than the activities we had planned so I will suffer through the week...and pray for lots of sunshine so at the very least Bella and I can spend time outside in the yard playing while miss trouble is doing extra chores!


The Days of your Life said...

It's a tough love time for the Madster!
Our favorite activity for innapropriate behavior is an you remember those? Or were mom and dad leniant with you?
We love you and miss you, even if she got in trouble!

miss debbie said...

You are doing a great job, Anna!