Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just call him CHIEF!

John was promoted!  Whoooooohooooo! 

Other than the obvious benefit of more moolah Bella and I actually got to attend the promotion ceremony held at the training grounds. 

Yesterday morning I had us all packed up and ready to go.  We stopped by clothing sales to pick up a couple of pairs of boot socks and the new rank and then headed out the gate...

Oh wait...whats that grunting I hear?  Quick detour back home for a diaper change and NOW we're off! 

We had about an hour to drive and the road were pretty clear...for the first 15 miles and then Karen, our friendly GPS voice lady, directed me onto these back country roads that had big patches of 2 foot snowdrifts, winds and curves and sure enough...20 minutes out from the training grounds Bella barfs all over her jacket, dress, tights and shoes. 


Its about 10 degrees outside so I'm trying to clean her up as best I can without freezing her to death and she's crying and I finally make her a bottle and tuck her under my heavy coat and she immediately went to sleep...for the last 20 minutes.

I stopped at the PX to use their bathroom and to buy Bella a new shirt...(that will teach me to not pack a full array of extra clothes for her!)  She looked adorable...

When she saw John is was a little sad...she didn't recognize him because he was wearing his goggles...she immediately tried to take them off...but really - do you blame her?  It only took a few minutes for her to regroup and then she went into Daddy's arms and wrapped her little arms around his neck and gave him a big hug. It was wonderful to see.

The promotion ceremony was really nice.  John was pinned by one of his mentors from Ft. Huachuca who is at the same training he is at and will be deploying with their group.  The Colonel made some nice comments and everybody gave handshakes and congratulations.

At the end, someone said, "Hey need to kiss its either the Colonel or your wife!"  And that let us have a great smooch at the end.

One of the soldiers was taking photos so she will send them to me when she gets a chance...low priority for their training exercise...and when I get them I'll post them.  But until then -

Congratulations CHIEF!  I am sooooo proud of you!


Barbara said...

Congratulations John ..way to go!!! You all must be extremely proud.

The Days of your Life said...

Whooot! whoooot! Congrats to our favorite uncle in Germany and his family!

P.S.I want some of those goggles.

Cothran Family said...

Congrats to OUR fav. uncle in Germany! Love ya man, that is really awesome!

The Hansen Family said...

Congrats bro dawg!!! We always knew you had it in you! You rock our world