Thursday, February 25, 2010

Double secret poke your eyes out spy stuff...

Do not (I REPEAT) Do not tell anyone what I'm about to tell you or I'll have to find you and tickle you to death.

Just kidding.  HELLO....have you noticed the whole world can read this blog?

Today, our DSPYEOSS (double secret poke your eyes out spy stuff) is going to focus on OpSec...which is a big fancy word...ok...its actually a short acronym word.  BUT, the important part is that its commonly used by the Army (and other armed forces groups) to mean Operational Security.  Its time that I address this here in my blog.  Remember, I'm not locked down in...ANYONE can read what I have to say and so as an Army wife I am bound to follow some basic OpSec rules.

Now whats the likelihood that there is a terrorist following the mundane life of little ol' me?  Probably very small, but I'm not going to take the chance that something I say could harm a soldier in any way. 

So...with that being said...OpSec rules for me are as follows...

I will never post any information about the following:

**Identification of units being deployed
**Troop movements (this includes locations of  units moving from one destination to another)
**Unit departure/arrival dates/return dates
**Deployment destinations (including any stops during air travel)
**Military activities including pre-deployment meetings, training and formations
**Pre-deployment orders
**Length of or extensions of deployments
**Information on proposed port calls
**Information about future deployments, that pretty much rules out me talking about the next 10 years of our lives until we're no longer in the Army. 

Just teasing...I wouldn't subject you all to the horror of my posts being all about ME...unless you all need some sleeping pills and then I can oblige with a boring story or two of life on Post... 

All joking aside...I will provide some information about whats going to share, stories too, but please know that if you want details you're going to have to call me or email me or smoke signal me.

That being said. 

We love our soldier.

And we wish you were here with us all the time.
And we'll leave a light on until you come home.


Naranjal said...

I'm sure between Maddie, Bella and you own stories, you can keep us entertained until your soldier comes back.
Buen viento y buena mar to John.

Cothran Family said...

Makes me think about "The little princess" that Shirley Temple starred in. She stands at the window and says a poem about her daddy coming home. I can't imagine. You are a strong mamma and wife. Love ya sis.
Are you in the CIA? with our uncle?

Chuckleheads said...

We have an uncle in the CIA?

Rachel said...

Louis says you can talk about it after the fact, just not during or before! ;)Sorry hunny, love and hugs heading your way.