Friday, February 05, 2010

Ya big loser!

Well, my sister started it...the momentum grew and now I'm a full fledged member of  The Biggest Loser Facebook Group.  Meaning...I've got to shed the pounds in order to fulfill my dream of smashing my siblings in a weight loss contest. 

It started on Feb. 1st...and ends during our family reunion which is the first week of August. 

I jumped in with both feet first...and immediately got started on SparkPeople again.  Its what led me down the weight loss pass before.  I'm actually feeling pretty motivated.  I've exercised every day so far...and granted its only been 5 days since we started, but those are 5 days I probably would not have otherwise done some form of scheduled exercise!  I'm giving myself thumbs up and kudos where I deserve them.  :)

My goal this week is to get on the exercise kick.  I've been doing OK with the eating, but there are definitely improvements I need to make in the caloric intake area.  Thats next weeks goal.  Baby steps, eh?  I can't stop being lazy AND stop eating chocolate all in the same week.  Sheesh...who am I?  Wonder Woman?

Actually - YES I AM...and that is a goal as part of my weight loss...  This halloween I am totally wearing a hot mama wonder woman costume.  I've never been able to pull it off, but I will this year. 

So, beware....this excitement I feel will continue to pervade my blog posts.  I wonder what I win when I beat my siblings...eternal glory?  Maybe I'll make all of them say, "All hail the hottie" ...more likely than not it will be some brow beating and a kick in the buns, but thats why I love them so much.


kajr said...

I've done better when I change one thing at a time...limiting deserts one week, then no pop, etc...I get crabby when I do it all at one time!

Good luck!!!

The Hansen Family said...

All hail the hottie!!! I SO want to see you in that wonder woman outfit Anna! You are doing awesome so far....and if you keep it up you just MIGHT be able to beat me........................might.

Inger Vandyke said...

Cool Anna! Go you!!! but then... maybe I should do the same??? :-)

Miss Debbie said...

You are the Hottie Wonder Woman anyway!

Rachel said...

We want to see pictures of the costume. Can't wait!! And whenever you need a little extra incentive to keep up with it, just think what John will think when he comes home?? ;)You can do it!