Sunday, August 09, 2009

My leetle blog

I embarassed myself on Saturday during a trip to Weiden. We stopped at an eis cafe for some icecream and in the classic "can't speak your language" faux paux after we ordered in German I asked for "ein leetle shpoona"...yes that translates to "a little spoon" only its not in German...its in American that can't speak German.

Apparently I know that language well. **blush**

I was pretty embarassed when it came out of my mouth...there was that moment of fleeting wishes that I could grab it back and stuff it down my throat...the poor German lady that served us actually corrected me.

Now that I've confessed I'll go on to tell you about Weiden being a very cool little town.

We spent a few hours there walking around the shopping zone. Its all cobblestone and because its actually a fairly large town we were able to see quite a few shops. And there were some great sales going on.

We didn't end up buying anything, but it was fun to look anyway.

Bella was stylin' in a pair of baby sunglasses...she wasn't quite ready for them...she preferred eating them to wearing them.

One of my favorite parts of weiden were the fountains. If I could have a house with fountains all over it I think I would be in heaven. There is just something about the soft sound of water that soothes my soul.

John snapped a photo of me dangling my toes in the was wonderfully refreshing.

Another fountain that we aimed to dangle our toes in until we watched the guy let his dog pee in it. urgh...

On the way home we happened past a "pick your own" flower field. They were so beautiful and it had been such a nice day we headed out to find a bouquet to brighten up the house. We ended up with a beautiful bouquet of white, peach, fire red and yellow and a giant sunflower.


Barbara said...

incredible photos ..... thanks for sharing.

livelypen said...

Beautiful! And, a pick your own bouquet field--how cool is that!? I love the photos and descriptions of Germany, keep them up. Especially your language faux pas.