Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of 2nd Grade

Maddie started 2nd grade today. She was SOOOOOOO excited last night. We had a big talk about what we expected from her...I may shoot myself later, but I promised Maddie that if she makes the Vilseck Elementary School honor roll I'll let her have a treat day...she can eat whatever she wants whenever she want. Aiya...

We also talked about what she was nervous about...she only had two major worries...

1. If I play soccer, what if I break my ankle?
2. What if a bully knocks me down on the playground?

We told her that if she broke her ankle playing soccer that we got to decorate the cast and if a bully knocked her down to haul off and hit them. Just kidding. We, of course, gave the appropriate "Go tell the teacher" answer.

We ended our back to school conversation with a little gift of new earrings for her. She's still wearing the piercing posts and came with these extra long dangly earrings that aren't appropriate for school so I bought her some little diamond studs and some mini hoops that won't catch on her clothes and won't be distracting for her during the school day.

This morning came bright and early...we had bought Maddie a new shirt that she absolutely LOVED. She put her own outfit together with the white leggings and new tennis shoes. Tadummmmm

Bella doesn't want her sissy to go!

She was so excited to get to school she HAD to run.

Meeting her new teacher Miss Keller

With daddy on her first day of school

At her table (the girl next to her is her new friend Rhiley)

When we picked her up after school today her teacher pulled John aside to tell him that Maddie had done extremely well and there was a point where the teacher expected a meltdown from a normal 7 year old and Maddie surprised her by not having one! Yayyyyyy! We're hoping this is the start to a GREAT year of school.

Maddie sacked out around 7PM tonight because she was so tired...

Bella was so hyped today that she ended up crashing shortly after her sister...

good night sweet girls!


Miss Debbie said...

What an exciting time for you! I truly believe that Maddie will thrive and grow and blossom by being loved and nurtured so much by you and John. God Bless you guys!


Cothran Family said...

Maddie looks so tall in those leggings. How sweet to document the day so well. It was fun to see your neighborhood, her teacher(with all the army guys around) and I loved that sweet picture with her dad.

TheMuffinMom said...

What a fun first day of school that must have been--you are awesome for capturing it in photos and helping make it more memorable for Maddie. As always, you ROCK! :)