Thursday, August 13, 2009

The little baby, the old lady, and the happy couple

Sounds like the start to some fairy tale doesn't it?

In reality its the crazy August 13th collision of celebrations.

The little baby...IS NINE MONTHS OLD TODAY!

She measures a grand total of 26 inches tall and 14 pounds. She's our little piccolina. Her first two teeth are just starting to break through. She's got such a great personality. She loves to laugh. She loves the sounds that puppies and kitties make and her favorite song is "How much is that doggy in the window." She's a speedy gonzales with her now little "scootch" crawl. She loves apple juice, veggie puffs from Gerber and walks in her stroller. She's got mamamamamamamama and dadadadadadada down like a champ. We're not sure what her first "real" word will be. Nine months old. I love you little girl.

The old lady...IS 62 TODAY!

Happy birthday mama! Your hottie patootie days aren't over...still sizzling. I love your laugh and your energy and all the things you taught me way back when I listened to you. :)

The happy couple...ARE CELEBRATING 13 YEARS TODAY! Happy Anniversary...don't do anything I wouldn't do. HAHAHAHAHAHA


kajr said...

Wonderful pictures!

Miss Debbie said...

Nice to have these celebrations!