Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Anyone else find this amusing?

Memorial Day

It was a rainy day here in Portland, but most days in Portland are rainy so that didn't stop us.

We headed out to the Gales Creek Cemetary where Mr. C's grandfather and other relatives are buried. We doubled that with Family Home Evening. Eric gave the lesson while we were at the cemetary and talked about what Memorial day is really all about.

Both kids enjoyed walking around and were appropriately subdued thinking of the ages of some of the people we looked at headstones for...some small babies. Some young children just around their ages...some teenagers the age of big sissy and adults and "old" people. They admired the flowers and the flags and talked to their dad about him having to "go to war" now that he is in the Army.

Afterward we went to the Lilly farm (John's grandmother's farm) and walked around looking at the creek and the fields and he told us stories of when he was a kid.

it was a good Memorial day...a good reminder of how important family is and a good way to say thank you to the soldiers for our freedoms.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Columbia River Gorge

Its the most beautiful place in the world....here was our weekend trip to the fish hatchery and crown point in the Columbia River Gorge

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Car!

Woohoo! We traded in the Kia and Mazda for a shiny red (new to us) Subaru Forester. Pretty ain't she?

We really like her and are actually really excited to be a 1-car family now.

Hoorah for new cars!

Now...what shall we name her? Or, I guess him? Anyone? Anyone?

Lost Mims

Oh where oh where has our little cat gone?

Oh where oh where can she be?

We have been taking care of Sarah's kitties while she is gone and Mims has disappeared on us. Actually, Jacko didn't come home last night either. Its causing me stress....I want these kitties to be safe and feel loved, but what can I do other than keep them chained up in the garage? (not really chained, but confined...)

I hope she comes home soon...I hope Jacko doesn't disappear on me too....

Anybody know any good tricks for finding a lost kitty?

Friday, May 16, 2008


We got our driveway fixed today. It had been broken by a bunch of tree roots from a tree that we had cut down a couple of years.

With moving and having renters we figured we better get that "I tripped and now will sue your homeowners insurance for a million dollars for pain and suffering" hazard out of the way.

It was amazing how quickly they were able to do it...and how expensive it is! $800 dollars later we have a brand new 14X10 square in our driveway and NO ROOT! I wish we'd done it years ago!

We've got a rental openhouse tomorrow so it was completed just in time for all our potential renters to be safe and sound.

That being said...everyone keep their fingers crossed or say a little prayer that we find the right family for our home.

and again....

I can't even post what I'm thinking about today. More drama...only really...the comments from the last blog don't even come close to the hateful things that have been spitting out of Cruella's mouth.

We knew it would be bad.

Can I just say that I am actually looking forward to leaving in a month if only to get away from THIS for awhile!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May's drama

Well, Mr. C Talked to his kids about the pregnancy and the move. They were all very excited about the pregnancy and all very sad about the move.

Cruella, on the other hand...gave us the expected reaction. Her first comment was, "Well, when you said you had a couple of items for news I didn't think it was going to be a nuclear bomb."

More interesting comments:

How could you?

You have just lost your children.

Well, now that you have your own kids you can leave mine alone.

You have just lost your oldest daughter forever.

Of the one thing I thought I could count on it was you never having children with HER.

Well, I would have given you the kids for the whole summer, but now that she is pregnant you can only have them for 30 days at most and I'd prefer only the 2 weeks.

St. Louis

I spent Monday in St. Louis. I saw the city from the freeway on the way into the airport, The hotel on Market street, the arch from the hotel window, 2 square blocks walking to my meeting, and the city on the way back out to the hotel.

It was a good trip for business.
It was a bad trip for "seeing" St. Louis.

After 20 hours of being awake...I was very happy to finally be home.

Sleep...wonderful sleep...

Mothers day on the plane.

Happy Mother's day

Arrive at airport 6:30AM on Mother's day.
Plane gets delayed
Lady next to me tells me that we have Obama secret service agents on the flight and we'll get clearance...not to worry.
Announcement made 3 minutes later that plane is no longer delayed.

Arrive in Chicago and circle...circle...circle...for almost an hour.
Captain comes over the speaker to assure us that we have "at least 30 minutes of gas left."
Not feeling assured.
Plane finally lands.

Run Run Run to catch connector flight scheduled to leave in 15 minutes.
Make it to the B terminal with 5 minutes to spare.
Gate is closed.
Plead with flight attendant who opens the gate.
Sucky seat way at the back row in MIDDLE.
Flight attendant tells me to sit up front in "Economy PLUS" on aisle. **sighs of relief**

Plane held as next flight to St. Louis is delayed for 5+ hours.
Plane is totally filled up with standby passengers
Plane leaves and arrives in St. Louis at 4:30PM

$50 cab to hotel (what a ripoff!)
Immediately into meeting until 11:15PM
Sneak out to call my mom...
Spend 40 minutes talking to Mr. C
Asleep by 12:15AM

Happy Mother's day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Arizona.....for real?

Well - its confirmed. Not with orders, but with verbal and written information that John needs to report to Ft. Huachuca on July 1, 2008. We will actually be driving away from Portland on June 24, 2008. I'm excited and nervous and sad. We'll have John's kids for his 2-week vacation from the last day of school, June 13th through the end of that time period.

I know this is going to be hard when he has to say goodbye to them. Luckily his parents agreed to watch them for two days after that so there is some cohesive "daddy loves you even though he is moving" feelings that the kids can rely on since I don't think Cruella will be offering any of that kindness.

Regardless, I'm hoping the excitement of John getting to move forward with the Army stuff will help him with the loneliness I'm sure he'll be feeling. Of course, I'll encourage frequent contact with them. Maybe we'll give Lexi a webcam and ask her to set it up for the kids and John every Sunday or something.

**sigh** I wish it was so much easier.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Old School

We just got back from a delectable dinner with Mr. C's parents at Claim Jumper...A celebration of sorts for a positive outcome to an unfortunate situation....

Why is it that everyone tells you that you will HATE your in-laws? I suppose they are supposed to be "different" from how you grew up or you hear about how bossy and/or nosy they are...

I have to be honest (and this is in no way slanted because I KNOW they read this blog...) but, I really love Mr. C's parents. They have a fabulous backyard with a garden area for the grandkids to go "dig" and plant sticks and things...which I distinctly remember being something my grandparents had for us and a great toybox that was available when you visit.... Yes, and they spoil the grandkids with toys and treats and LOVE...and love-spoiling is part of the job...as it should be for every grandparent...its the kind of spoiling that makes a kid feel like they are special and deserving instead of the kind that leaves a kid feeling entitled.

I suppose that I feel so comfortable with them because in a way they remind me of my own parents. They have a strong sense of right and wrong. They are thrifty and smart with their money. They value being independent and a self-made individual. In a way they are what would now be considered, "Old School." Its the way I would describe my own mother and father and...heaven forbid that we admit that we ended up like our parents, but its true, Mr. C and I.

I have such a hard time with parents that won't let their kids fail...or won't let them succeed. Instead they think that "fair" is the only way to go. I have to wonder if they live in the same world where I live...Fair....its rarely going to go that way. Mr. C and I think kids can lose at a game and its not going to be the end of the world and some kids get one thing while another doesn't and it won't derail their sense of importance and kids don't need every toy thats advertised and priveledges are just that and not expectations or something children are entitled to...and my favorite soapbox item...consequences for poor behavior.

Phew...now that its out of my system. I think I just want to end this by saying that its nice being friends with your in-laws. I really like it. :)

Monday, May 05, 2008


Hit and Run

He was biking home from work - late one evening. A car careens around the street and smashed into him. Knocked unconcious he awakens hours later to find himself in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

This is a true story and it happened to my brother-in-law early Saturday morning. He is in the hospital in Austin, TX with 4 boken vertebrae and major trauma all over his body.

My sister, found out Saturday morning at 9AM when he was finally able to call her once the doctors were done with x-rays and other stuff. His family found out next and what a blessing that his mother is a registered nurse of 20+ years.

Luckily he is doing well...doesn't require and surgery and is expected to heal completely. Just keep saying those prayers and murmur good thoughts and magic healing dust that nothing changes.

Curse the hit and run driver...there are better ways to understand that things in your life that are precious can be taken away at any time.