Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

It was a rainy day here in Portland, but most days in Portland are rainy so that didn't stop us.

We headed out to the Gales Creek Cemetary where Mr. C's grandfather and other relatives are buried. We doubled that with Family Home Evening. Eric gave the lesson while we were at the cemetary and talked about what Memorial day is really all about.

Both kids enjoyed walking around and were appropriately subdued thinking of the ages of some of the people we looked at headstones for...some small babies. Some young children just around their ages...some teenagers the age of big sissy and adults and "old" people. They admired the flowers and the flags and talked to their dad about him having to "go to war" now that he is in the Army.

Afterward we went to the Lilly farm (John's grandmother's farm) and walked around looking at the creek and the fields and he told us stories of when he was a kid.

it was a good Memorial day...a good reminder of how important family is and a good way to say thank you to the soldiers for our freedoms.

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