Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You'll go BLIND!

Remember when your mother used to make you sit at least 5 feet away from the television because if you sat too close you'd go blind?  I've often wondered if anyone ever actually DID go blind from sitting too close to the television.

...and what do I do whenever I have a deep thought like that?  GOOGLE! 

And so without much further ado...I'm here to DISPROVE the myth that you'll go blind.  What I did discover is that in the 60's GE sold some televisions that emitted incredibly high levels of radiation...but they recalled them and fixed them...so unless you are still using an old GE from the 60's television...you are safe from blindness.

And you must believe not because I found this on the internet, but because it came from Scientific American.  Now that is a name you have to trust.  So, to read all about it click here.

Regardless...I found myself laughing when I found this...

...and my first instinct was to make her pull her chair back as I found myself uttering those infamous words..."You'll go blind from sitting that close..."

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The Hannant Family said...

Or maybe she's already blind and has to sit that close to see. I swear that's my kids problem, because when I ask them to pick something up they just can't seem to see it.