Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two little green tomatoes

I want to tell you the story of two little green tomatoes. 

It started in February this year when the expectant gardner got all her gardening stuff ready to go so that in March she could start her little tomato plants.

Then an unexpected trip that lasted the WHOLE MONTH OF APRIL came up and instead of starting her tomato plants and hoping they'd survive under the care of someone else...she waited and didn't plant them until May.

Well, as most tomato plant stories go...the plants grew and were green and beautiful...

But there were no tomatoes.  And even though the gardner was sad she got no tomatoes she was glad that she had tried because it brightened up her backyard and gave people the impression that she had a green thumb even though it was apparent that her plants were "special" and just kind of did what they wanted.  (kind of like her child...who just happens to be extra stubborn these days...)

And then one unsuspecting day at the end of September when tomato plants should be done and dying she found to her great surprise and delight...

Two little green tomatoes.

I don't suspect they will actually grow and ripen...but we are having some unexpectedly warm weather right now....?

And in the end instead of giving up on her garden this gardner is already thinking and planning her next year's foray into tomato plants and zucchini plants and strawberry plants. Yummmmmmmmmm....

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kajr said...

Good luck. Planning a garden is almost as good as watching it grow!