Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Teeth!  Zähne!

Our first German dental experience was perfect.  It was Bella's first time to the Dentist at all so we had Maddie go first...

Ewwwww....look at all that purple plaque!

She escaped the dentist's chair with one cavity...we go back for a filling in August.

Next up was Bella...
She was a little nervous at first, but thought it was cool that she was allowed to climb up on the table all by herself.

Open WIDE!  And she did!

John thought he was funny playing with the dental props...until he said, "hey...take a photo of me," and I responded, "Sure...SMILE!"
ha ha ha...about as corny as it gets.

I can check the dentist off my list of things to do now...our Zähne are magnifique!

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