Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've got piles of blogs to write in the next few days...all about our adventures in flying Space A to Washington DC, but just to get us started here is my favorite 2-year old argument EVER...

The two year olds in question playing with playdoh...

It all started innocently enough on our way out to Chantilly, Virginia to drop off a cello for my brother-in-law, Jason.  The two year olds, Savannah and Bella, were in the back seat getting increasingly fussy because they were starving.

Heck...I admit it...I was starving and probably getting increasingly fussy as well.

To passify them my sister said, "Lets go get some yummy lunch...we can even have french fries!"  I think I followed it up with, "Oh perfect - french fries and chicken fingers for the little ones!" 

Because, when one is very hungry and increasingly fussy, the greasier and quicker the food comes...the better.

Then from the backseat:

Savannah:  I want french fries!

Bella:  NO!  I want french fries!

Savannah:  NOOO!  I want french fries!

Bella:  NO!  You want chicken and I want french fries!

Savannah:  NO!  I want french fries!

Bella!  NO!  You want chicken and I want french fries!

I'll refrain from repeating the fight they had for the next FIFTEEN minutes because I think you get the idea...

Funny enough...they both got french fries and Savannah did get chicken and Bella got macaroni so I guess in the end...

ANYWHO...this trend of "I want/you want" fighting continued the entire 2 weeks we were there.  But I laughed until tears ran down my cheeks when they had this argument...

Savannah:  Mama! I want Gaga!  (meaning I want to listen to Lady Gaga.)

Me:  Oh, Savannah!  I like Lady Gaga!

Savannah:  I like Gaga!

Bella: (ever the contrarian...) NO!  You like goo goo and gaga!

Savannah:  (near hysterics)  I LIKE GAGA!

Bella:  NO!  You like goo goo and gaga!

Savannah:  I LIKE GAGA!!!!

Bella: NO! You like goo goo and gaga!

...and on it went. 

I wonder if they'll miss each other?


The Days of your Life said...

It's sooooooo quiet around here!

The Hannant Family said...

I think I had this same argument with Abigail. We call the cousin disagreements baby battles. There is a time frame between 1 and 3 oh I guess that's 2. Anyway everyone of my kids went thru it. Now they are all besties.

Christy said...

Funny (now - not so much at the time perhaps :), and well told. Goo goo and Gaga. Too funny. :)