Monday, April 04, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Maddie!

Oh what a day!  And now its officially over since I'm posting this blog at 12:07AM!

Maddie turned 9 today!  She has been sosososososososososo excited for this birthday.  She has decided that at 9 she is finally a "grown up lady."  My oh my...I've got a grown up lady on my hands now.

We started the day out much like we normally do...getting up late...eating breakfast late and then rushing Maddie out the door to make it to school before the second bell rings...

Of course on one's birthday you must stop to pose for a "rainy birthday" photo...  Please note the awesome "Today is my birthday" sign I made for her and she was so excited to wear... (I love those ages where kids WANT that kind of attention.)  Also please note the rockin' outfit.  Maddie's art teacher told me once that Maddie dresses the way she creates...I totally see that.

Now that the birthday girl was off to school I donned my working clothes and got straight to work on one of her presents.  I painted and decorated her room... FINALLY.

The finished product turned out simply adorable.  She wants to paint a sunshine and some bumblebees as the finishing touches.

Now that the room is done it was time to bake the cake.  I nearly had to call FEMA considering the disaster that I ended up with.  Maddie wanted strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and strawberries and sprinkles on top.  Is your mouth watering?  (yeah...mine's not either...UGH.) 

So...I cook the dang cake and it literally falls apart on me.  So I glued it back together with frosting.  Then the strawberry fell apart and I glued it back together with frosting then I just covered the whole lumpy mess with strawberries and sprinkles. 

It was a hit.  (Again...thank goodness for nine year old simplistic desires...)

We had a party for our "extended family" that we have come to love and adore while being here in Vilseck while our soldiers have been deployed.  They all came over and helped us devour the entire cake...yes, I'm serious.  The entire cake was G.O.N.E.  And then Maddie opened some presents...

Now for the really fun part of the party...  We'll call him "A" for short.  He's the little boy that Maddie has had a crush on since the first day she met him in September at soccer practice.  She's liked him the entire year.  And if there is any boy a mother would LOVE for her daughter to crush on...this kid is it.  He's so incredibly sweet and funny and he adores both Maddie and Bella...  Do you see that grin on Maddie's face...thats the face of 3rd grade true love.

And he plays dressup.  In fact...this kid will be an actor someday.  He was so funny.  Maddie can't even do her poses she was laughing so hard at him...

And the best thing of all...  He spent the entire weekend working on a present for Maddie.  It was this giant card...

Some candy, some blank poster paper for art projects and two dollars...  Yep...two dollars...the greatest two dollars ever.

Does it get ANY cuter?



The Hannant Family said...

Looks like an awesome 9 year old birthday. You are the best mom. Abby wants a party and has already told me who she want to have come. How has she figured it out already?

Your cake was cute, and they never look the way we want them to. I thought it sounded sort of yummy. Maybe it was the strawberries. Glad she had a very happy birthday.

Lisa said...

Awww...such a sweet post. And "A" is a cutie! One question though. Is that guacamole on the side of the strawberry cake?

Miss Debbie said...

Love it!