Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Bella!

She's two.  My baby girl who just "yesterday" I held in my arms and who needed me and now I watch her run and jump and climb all to explore the world all on her own.

She's two.  My little munchkin who was so teeny tiny and today is 35 inches tall, weights 26 pounds, wears a size 6 shoe and 24 month clothing.

She's two.  My little chatterbox who loved to babble as a baby, but now loves to say, "I do it mommy!  I do it!"

She's two.  My tearful little girl who cried like popeye and now asks me to kiss her booboo's better.

I can't help but cry at what a beautiful little girl she is.  I never knew I could adore anything as much as I love and adore her.  She brings me so much happiness and joy.  I always wanted to be a mother and now I do believe I'm the luckiest one alive.

I love you Isabella.


lesthook said...

Oh my! She is growing up so fast! And I love her beautiful,expressive face!

The Days of your Life said...

We love you Bella! My kids asked about you all day and talked about their favorite Bella stories! We miss you guys! Wish we could be there to eat some puppy dog cake!
Big hugs and kisses!

Cothran Family said...

You are one good mom Anna and she is one ADORABLE little girl! Happy Birthday baby ABella :)

The Hannant Family said...

She is beautiful just like her momma. Happy Birthday Bella. It's crazy how much you can love such a little doll. You are an awesome mom. It's so great all you do with your girls.