Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Felt Queen

Thats right - I've designated myself the queen of felt because of my most recent and fabulous craft project.

I had to do this per force.  When we left Arizona I think I was deranged in thinking I didn't need to bring all my Christmas boxes with me.  Instead I packed most of it in long term storage...I had forgotten all about that until I opened up the Christmas boxes I did bring and found a few piddly items...

-Santa Hat
-tree skirt
-two stockings
-two wall hangings
-various candles
-reindeer stocking hangers.

And that was it.  No garland...no lights...no decorations...

And with two extra kids coming and one new one living with us unexpectedly...no stockings!

I went to the PX to find some and they had a green stocking that said, "I love my cat." and a single white stocking that wasn't really my style anyway.  So, I went to a German store and found some beautiful stockings...for $20-35 euro each...thats like spending $35-50 dollars on each stocking.  I got better places to put that kind of money.

So, I got creative and made them.

Ok...very funny...you can get up off the floor now.  I'm insanely proud of them.  Yes, they are a little lopsided, but overall I think I did a pretty great job.


Miss Debbie said...

You have the talent that runs in your family. These will be the keepsakes forever. Good Job, ANNA!

The Days of your Life said...

Whoa! You found your creative juices! I love them and they are not lopsided, they are so wonderful! Great job, but I still think you should have purchased the one that said, "I love my cat!"