Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Amberg Christmas Market

The day after Thanksgiving we went to our first Christmas Market in Germany.  It took us all day to get it together so we didn't leave until 4pm.  We were hesitant about even going, but were SO glad that we did.  We ended up in Amberg which is only about 25 minutes from our house and the market itself wasn't very big, but we definitely started to feel the Christmas spirit with all the fun that we had that night.

Maddie HAD to pose with these festive lions outside a store along the pedestrian walk. 

Soon after that we happened upon this organ grinder.  At first we thought he had an actual monkey....

...then we realized that it was Maddie.  :) 

Bella had a great time watching her dance in the streets.  It was sooo cold we had to really bundle up.

My favorite thing about Christmas decorations has to be lights.  This booth really took 1st prize for being lit up.

John's new favorite thing is the gluwein - or the hot spiced mulled wine.  They also have a non-alcoholic version that hot spiced punch.  Its very yummy. 

We had to stop to feed Bella...we ended up just sitting on the steps of their Cathedral that was in the square where the market was located.  Bella's new favorite thing is to bite the spoon and refuse to let go.

We tried a few times to take a fun family picture.  This is what we ended up we look like we're having fun or WHAT?!

Woohoo!  Christmas is on its way!


lesthook said...

Maddie is so cute dancing! I loved the gluwein in Germany too!

The Hansen Family said...

I seriously want to have a girl some day so I can put her in a cute little hat like Isabella! These pictures are funny. I think I like the family group shot the best....that's about how ours go too:)