Sunday, September 27, 2009

I finally finished one room!

After only FIVE months...ok...I'll say FOUR months since we spent at least one in temporary barracks housing...I've finished Bella's bedroom.  I wanted to paint and hang some shelves and reorganize, etc.

Well, this weekend we were finally able to get it done and I love it!  Its so much brighter and cheerier than it was before.  I did a really simple paint job...kept with the theme/style that is on her crib bedding and bumper pads.

The window in her room is wonderful.  It lets in a lot of natural light and for a baby's room I would probably just have left sheer curtains, but because of all that wonderful light I went out and bought fabric...remember that post? (Domestic I am)  and I made cute little curtains for her room...

John spent some time hanging the shelves we found at a German hardware store and I was finally able to put up some of her stuffies and photos and cute little things that were gifts from family and friends...and my "how to" books for being a great mom.  :)

We found this pretty little canopy at a garage sale for $5.  It fits perfectly over Bella's crib and really softens that part of the room. 

And last, but not least is the photo that my dad gave me a long time ago before Bella was even a twinkle in my eye....actually, I wasn't even married, but I loved the picture so much and I've always wanted to hang it in my baby's room.

I'm so glad room #1 is finally done.  My next project is my bedroom and hopefully it will be done by the time Madmad's stuff gets here near the end of October.  That means that I'll effectively be done with my house decor (or at least the bedrooms) within 7 months of moving to Germany.  ha ha ha.  At least all the boxes are unpacked.  :)


The Amburgular said...

Love it, love it, love it! Her crib is perfect for a little princess!

Cothran Family said...

Anna, it is sooooo adorable! I LOVE it!!! You are so domestic...I couln't even cut those curtains right. Seriously, it is a perfectly adorable room and I love your painting on the wall of her name and butterfly. So cute Anna, well done mama!

Barbara said...

Beautiful room for a beautiful little girl. You are very creative and did a great job. Love the picture your Dad gave you - a very sweet and wonderful gift ..... so typical of him. :)

Hugs to both the girls. Miss you guys. Barbara

The Days of your Life said...

Rock ON Domestic Goddess!
It's a perfect room for our little princess cutie patutie cousin!
Now if we could just have a playdate with Savannah and Bella!
Love you!