Monday, September 08, 2008

Vegas baby!

I'm in Las Vegas right now...yeah...yeah...not supposed to travel and all that, but I needed to take this one last trip for work.

The plane ride(s) were good...except the flight attendant sat right behind me on the first leg to Phoenix and used about 7 different soaps and/or lotions during the 35 minute flight and it was making me GAG. Every time she touched something she went to wash her hands and she had all these little soap things in her uniform about obsessive compulsive disorder. Then because she washed her hands a new lotion bottle would come out and she'd lotion up her hands and arms and then pat her face with it. I really wanted to barf by the end of the flight.

Other than that nastiness....I've enjoyed my time here in Vegas so far. I get to see my dear old friend from Switzerland, Ilaria and family tonight and tomorrow I'm meeting on of my stepmom friends from an online forum I belong to...

Home on Wednesday...short trip...just the way a Vegas experience should be.

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Anonymous said...

Please say "hello" to Anziano Peltier for me; I was his MTC teacher! :)