Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zombie Zumba

I've gotten into Zumba. 

Ok...I've REALLY gotten into fact one might call me a zumba addict these days.

But its helped me lose 50 pounds so I'm saying thats a really good thing.  Yesterday was Zombie Zumba. 

Oh yeah....

A room full of women dressed up like zombies (and two men)

This is me and my zumba friend and cul-de-saq neighbor...we decorated our shirts and blackened our eyes and frzzed out our hair and then zumba'ed for TWO HOURS.  Burned me 1500 calories!

So listen...if a zombie can zumba...

I highly suggest if you've got a shimmy in your body that you try out zumba. 

1 comment:

The Hannant Family said...

I tried to zumba one day...It wasn't pretty and it started out with thriller. It was all very wrong. I'm so glad you've found something you love and Congrats on the 50! That's so awesome. Keep up the hard work Zombie!