Wednesday, May 22, 2013

....and $1000 later...

I didn't go to the dentist even one time while living in Germany...I am an avid brusher and flosser...i thought to myself that would be enough for the 3.5 years that we were there...right?


A temporary crown, a permanent crown and a root canal done yesterday.  But I am glad to report that there is no more decay in my mouth.

I guess I shouldn't feel too grumpy about it, the dentist said this was not just because I didn't see the dentist for about 4-5  years and a standard cleaning wouldn't have fixed was all decay BENEATH my fillings. 

Here is the good news... (after I get the temporary crown replaced with a porcelain crown...)

No more dentist for a full year!  Wahoo!

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Ilaria said...

OUCH!! I go get my teeth cleaned twice a year (instead of once a year) to try and prevent major problems. In fact, I'm going in next week. I hate it... but it's one of those necessary pains. May I add that Swiss dental hygienists are far less gentle than American hygienists (at least as far as I have experienced)?