Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby L has a cute little face!

Yesterday was my 30 week appointment for our little man...he is getting so big! evidenced by the cankles, belly protrudence and waddle walk.  :)  But...I was so excited to see that little mug shot yesterday it didn't even matter!

Look how cute he is! 

He had his foot up in front of his face with one hand wrapped around it the whole time.  We were lucky to get such clear 4D shots of his face...he normally won't cooperate at all with these ultrasounds. 

Just two months left...  Doctor and I talked about the birth process yesterday.  She is still not sure whether to just schedule a Csection or try natural...she said most of it depends on my blood pressure, evidence of any preeclampsia and my gestational diabetes.  As of yesterday I was a rockstar with BP...120/70 and no signs of preeclampsia...and the blood sugars are being managed...who knows what will happen with this little guy.

This pregnancy has been so different from my first.  This kid sits LOW in my belly...pummels my lower belly constantly...Bella was always stuck up under my ribs.  They were both kickers, but I have to say the lower they sit the worse it feels...he is super active...moving ALL the fact last night I was awake for 3 hours from 12:30 until 3:30 because of his cartwheels and high kicks...maybe he'll be a dancer or a gymnast? 

Regardless....I'm so excited to meet him...its coming up soooo fast.  If this was my Bella pregnancy...I'd have a baby in just over a MONTH!  Eeeek!

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