Monday, December 19, 2011

Vilseck Tree Lighting

This year commemorates the third year of the annual Vilseck Rose Barracks Tree Lighting Ceremony.  And this in the past two years its a disappointing affair where the tree has about 5 strands of lights going vertically up and down it and a big star at the top...but, being the optimists and the spirit of Christmas kind of folks we are...we continue to go each year to cheer on the lighting of the tree.

This year we walked up to the commissary parking lot, where the tree resides, with our neighbors...they are the BEST neighbors we've ever had...we love them.  adore them.  hope they travel around for the rest of our military career to be our neighbors for the next 7 years.  :)  Ok...maybe a little unrealistic, but we do like hanging out with them.

Plus...their daughter and Bella are the "bestest of friends." with the past years we had both Santa Claus and St. Nikolas show up to greet the children...

In my opinion this is themost exciting part of the tree lighting ceremony.  They arrive in a firetruck with lights flashing.  Its very loud and the kids can hardly sit still...and because we've now done this three times we knew EXACTLY where to stand so we were about the 10th people in line.  YES.

So both my "kids" sat on Santa's lap and once again...the younger of the two asked for a "real puppy."  Aiya.  We may have a disappointed three year old on our hands Christmas morning.  :)

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martyrudd said...

This is Aunt Roxy - not Aunt Marty -
Target has this cute little puppy that walks, wiggles his tail, barks and does not pee on the carpet. Have Santa get Bella one of those and make up some lame reason why the real one will have to wait til later. xoxoxo Roxy