Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Remember last year's pumpkin patch photo?  I stuck the girls inside the wooden box of pumpkins at the commissary?  Well, this year I actually found a REAL pumpkin patch....

Bella at her first pumpkin patch...can you see it?  If you squint and look really hard you'll see a strip of field with orange-ish forms on it.  THAT is a pumplin patch. 

I know...I know...its not your typical hay ride, apple cider, corn maze pumpkin patch...but it also isn't the box of pumpkins at the commissary!

Not only was it Bella's first pumpkin patch, but it was our friend Christina's first pumpkin patch too!  How you get to be mid-20's and not have ever gone to a pumpkin patch is beyond me.  She says its because there are none in SE Texas...

I BEG to differ...

Texas: Houston, south east Texas and surrounding counties Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, Hay Rides and More

I'll be forwarding her this link for sure.  :)

Anywho...back to the 2 year old's first pumpkin patch experience...first we went for a big walk and found a really heavy pumpkin.

Then it was a really dirty pumpkin...(see hamsey daddy back there looking on?)

Then we had to take just a short rest on a pumpkin from all that walking and running around...

Then Daddy found HIS pumpkin!

Which finally prompted Bella to find her pumpkin...isn't it so cute? 

And if the photos weren't enough here is a short video clip of her finding the baby pumpkins...Oh, aren't they so cute?!

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The Hannant Family said...

Cute! I love it. The best was the drop of the baby pumpkin. Glad she enjoyed it. And your 20 something friend. Did she get a baby pumpkin too?