Sunday, January 10, 2010

Resolved in 2010...

I've been "fast blogging" lately because it just seems that I have so little time and the events and activities of my life can be shared so much better in photos...

But now...its 2010....and things are starting to settle down after the holidays and I've decided is time to get back to my regular programming.

So, what better way than to start with my New Years Resolutions...?

This is the year that I will publish the children's books that John and I wrote.  We've got 4 of them now - and I think they are good.  I just really hope someone else does too.  I need to spend some time figuring out which publishers I want to approach and how exactly I'm going to do that. 

This year I will spend more quality time with my family reading stories, creating things, coloring and drawing, making messes, listening to music and dancing in the living room, building forts, playing in the snow, going for walks, cooking together, snuggling on the couch...I think you get the idea.

This year I will continue to exercise and eat right...and as a result I'm hoping to continue to drop weight and help my body feel better.

This year I will explore my spirituality and make some changes.  I've been neglecting hasn't been a priority, but I can notice it lacking and want to make changes in that area.

This year I want to expand my social group.  I've made a few wonderful friends here in Vilseck, but I think there are so many more things that the military offers that I don't take advantage of.

This year I want to explore more of the world.  I won't be in Europe forever and I need to take advantage of this time.  I'm especially hoping to make it to Eastern Europe where my dad lives.

Looking forward to a wondeful new year....


Cothran Family said...

I love knowing you a little better because of blogging. You are amazing Anna! Always have been to me. I have no doubt you can do all you put your mind to. Love ya sis.

TheMuffinMom said...

Children's books? Awesome! Can't wait to buy me some, once they get published (and they WILL, I can tell you right now).

While you're at it, get cracking on those memoirs, will ya? If not, I'll have to start hounding your blog for more Anna memories--you tell them *so* deliciously! :)