Thursday, October 15, 2009

11 months - where did they go?

October 13, 2009 Miss Bella Larson turned 11 months old.  While her parents don't like to brag...ok...they really do like to brag - she's known around town as the sweetest little munchie around.

This month she has learned to stand all by herself for about 3-5 seconds before she lowers herself to the ground (yes...using only leg muscle and not holding onto anything!)  She is so close to makes us means she's growing up...and in a month from now she'll be a YEAR old!

She's weighing in around 20 pounds.  The formula has fattened her right up.  Her hair is a beautiful silky blond with highlights and lowlights naturally woven in.  She's still got just her two bottom teeth, but has become quite adept at breaking up food with them. 

She loves ELMO...actually, all the sesame street puppets.  She loves music and does quite the little bum bounce dance when the tunes are playing.  She is practicing her laugh and so at odd times you may hear a baby voice hee hee hee ing around the house.

She's a word mimic.  We're working on TaDum!  We chose that word because she currently says dumdum quite well....usually after we'll often hear either daddeee dumdum or daddeee pbtttttt.  Its quite least mama thinks so.

She loves her stroller rides and felt her first drops of snow yesterday...they were teensy tiny...but we've got bigger flakes coming down today and we'll take another walk in it.

She makes her first animal noise - its Pbtttttttsblptttt when you ask her what an elephant says.  Its adorable and has won the hearts of all the librarians.  (there is a rug in the library that has an elephant on it...)  She waves hello and bye bye....when she feels like it.  And can spend 20 minutes turning herself around in circles.  We're not sure what thats all about, maybe she just likes feeling dizzy?

She's got her mama's errr....more challenging traits of a stubborn personality and the best scowl ever.  Of course it just endears her to us all the more...and yes, I may eat my words when she's a teenager.

Simply said...she's the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me...and I love her more every day.


The Hansen Family said...

Awwwwwwwwww! LOVE HER! Happy 11 months Bella! And I can't believe she's almost walking! Awesome!

The Days of your Life said...

Bella! Bella! Bella! We love you little munchie cutie patootie!
Come visit!
The Days

lesthook said...

She is absolutely adorable!

Jenny said...

What a precious tribute to an even more precious little girl. Thanks to your awesome blog posts, I feel as if I've known her since she was born! :)

Cothran Family said...

That is some CUTE stuff! (hey, she has caught up in size now. Alana was like 17 lbs at 1 yr) She is SERIOUSLY so adorable