Thursday, January 09, 2014

Missing Germany...

Today I was just missing Germany.  There were some loud bangs outside kind of like what I'd hear constantly from the canons that would go off in Germany.  And it made me wish i was back there...

I miss the neighbors especially.
I miss the library and storytime and the best librarians that ever lived...
I miss the green trees and grass and countryside I drove through.
I miss the red roofs.
I miss the pretzels
I miss the speed limit on the autobahn...
I miss going to a small town and walking the pedestrian zones.
I miss the church bells
I miss castles
I miss alot about that place.  I'm so lucky to have lived there for 3  years.

We've been told that once you've been its unlikely you'll be sent back.  Boo.  I guess I'll just have to push for Korea.  :)

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