Sunday, April 15, 2007


Chortle is into namecalling. He thinks its funny to make fun of other people. I really really can't stand that. It makes me madder than anything because he usually is picking on someone smaller and weaker.

Today it was the neighbor kid and the name was "big butt."

What do you do? I threatened him with names, but that defeats the purpose. I can't very well go around calling him poopy pants or something like that to teach him how bad name calling I retreated into what I know best....essays and lines. So Chortle wrote 100 lines of, "I will not call names."

It took him an hour. He worked hard at it and I was very proud of him. 100 lines...thats a tough pill to swallow...especially when your cousin is over to play.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Mr. Chucklehead turned 39 last weekend. Can you believe it!!! For his birthday he got a harmonica (which he asked for) and a handheld GPS (which he didn't ask for.) I got him the GPS because I discovered this great new treasure hunt for adults called geocaching. You have GPS coordinates and then people hide a cache and you go find it using the coordinates. So - very cool and I thought he might like it and I was RIGHT. We are now bonifide paying members of and our name is...yup...chuckleheads. We've found 5 sites. He's go every day if he could and loves travel'll just have to go there to read all about it. I bring all this up because our very first find we searched long and hard for the diabetes travel bug in honor of little Emma B and her new baby boy Ethan. Oh yeah and his daddy Jake should probably be included in there. Emma has had juvenile onset diabetes since she was 4...what a courageous kid she was and now she has a beautiful new baby boy...go visit their'll see he looks just like a Johnson. :)