Monday, November 08, 2004

A gift from Mr. Chucklehead

A gift from the love of my life....Mr. Chucklehead. He made me very swirly and dreamlike don't you think? Posted by Hello

Now - Mr. Chucklehead comes with a wicked stepmother (oh yes..thats me....) and three charming children - Gag, the 13 year old darling...Chortle, the 5 almost 6 year old big brother and little giggle (LG), the crazy 3 year old. We're quite the little family.

And, of course there is always and will always be Cruella DeVille in our lives... that would be birth mom (BM) or egg donor (ED) or whatsherbucket...

Ho Hum Lazy Day

It certainly is...very cold here in the Portland, OR area...there has been a cloud cover and fog all day long...the kind of cold that gets into your bones and makes the cold seep all the way through your body. After my first post I pulled out my old boxes looking for that paper I wrote and ended up finding some hilarious stuff. My parents made us write essays when we were bad instead of spanking or groundings. I found a few of favorites being one about telling my mother to "shutup" and another called "Why I should not lie to my mother" and the third about making my bed.

I also found a scary story I wrote at age 7...Here it is in all its glory - spelling and all...

The Mystery of the Cackling Gost
One there was a family. They lived in a big house. Once night the mother and father and the three children heard a nois. Was it a gost asket the children? I don't now said the father. So the father got a flashlight and went into the attic. And ther was a ghost! The father asket tonot macke so much nois. When he was out of the attic the children asket if it was a ghost. The father said no becouse he did not want the children to be scared.
The next day they were eating breacfeast when the ghost came from the attic and come down. The children screamed! The dad comed down the children and asket why he was in the light. The ghost said he was a light ghost and from that day on he was frinds.

I think I show promise...At least an imagination if not a penchance for the supernatural.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

How it all started

My first foray into blogging and now I suppose I shall have to find something interesting to say...or maybe not? I really wanted to use this for musings about this and that and to practice my writing because some day I will be a very famous Dave Barry. You laugh, but he's really the master of the art of comedic satire gets past ironic touch in any way shape or form.

When I was in 9th grade I wrote a paper about getting my teeth pulled that closely resembled a Dave Barry article...I'll have to pull that out and put it up here for all to read. I got an A, by the way. Dave would have been proud.